The Wine Tasting Doodle Book

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A Professional Wine Tasting Journal for Scribblers, Doodlers, and Drawers!

Finally, a fun yet professional wine tasting journal!

This book was created for the creative wine drinkers among us. For those of us who would rather scribble, doodle and draw as opposed to write lines and lines of notes. Allow this book to guide your tastings and help fill in some of the mental blocks so you can focus on what is important - tasting incredible wine!

Made from years of doodles, scribbles, notes, wine research, wine-making and countless tastings - this doodle book makes note-taking quick, fun, interesting and simple to recap with just a quick glance. I hope you enjoy the same amazing benefits from it that I do. Happy Doodling!

Let's drink and draw! - Joshua James (Wine Maker, Host, Nerd)

So what is this Doodle Book?

Professional, but fun! - This book is the culmination of over 10 years of wine making, wine tasting doodles, research and practice - all brought together in this wine tasting journal to make note taking fun and effective.

A unique note taking experience - Most of the note taking in this book is either drawn, scribbled or colored in! Wine tasting has never been this easy - or this fun!

Compact - Slips easily into a pocket. so you can take your Wine Tasting notes on the go. Enough space to detail 50+ Wines!

Easy to use - Scribble, doodle or draw your notes! Handy guides and descriptions help you make the most out of your wine note-taking.

A handy reference guide - Complete with a glossary and logbook to keep track of all your favorite wines. Never lose track and evaluate past wines with a quick glance.

Wine bottle/label anatomy - Full of wine-tasting and wine drinking information! Learn how to properly understand a wine label and how to describe the wine bottle like a pro, among other tips and tricks.

Doodle pages - Fancy doodling something? The back of the book contains several doodle pages and wine bottle prompts for when you're feeling creative.

A tool for wine learning - From aroma charts to mouthfeel, grape varietal characteristics to correct glassware - the Wine Tasting Doodle Book has everything you need to improve your wine tasting knowledge and vocabulary.

Designed by a wine maker for wine lovers everywhere - Joshua James is a passionate wine maker with 10 years experience brewing and teaching. This book is a collection of his greatest wine tasting techniques and tips. Made with a passion for all things wine to help you grow as a brilliant wine taster.

(Technical Bits)

Binding - Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior - Ink - Black & white
Dimensions (inches) - 4.25 wide x 6.88 tall (Compact pocketbook sized!)