The Porter - Micro Batch Beer Brewing Kit

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  • A big, beautiful glass brewers demijohn.
  • A bag of premium brewers malt - mixed differently for each recipe.
  • Bittering hops - sourced from wonderful hop farms all over the world.
  • Aroma hops - also sourced from wonderful hop farms around the world.
  • Dry hops - also sourced from wonderful hop farms around the world.
  • A siphon with flow tap - for transferring beer.
  • Bubbler airlock - for aid in fermentation.
  • Non-rinse sanitizer - keep it all clean people!
  • Ale yeast - cultivated to be true to style for a fantastic robust porter!
  • Glass thermometer - temperature is key.
  • Rubber bung - to keep it airtight.
  • A brew guide - easy to follow instructions so you learn as you brew!
Here at Home Brew Depot LA, we understand that you want to drink beautiful craft beer in the comfort of your own home. What if we told you that you can brew your own craft beer in the comfort of your own home? That’s where we come in.
The Micro Batch Beer Brewing Kit is designed to be a really simple way for you to make beautiful craft beer, using only the space in your kitchen. If you have a stove top and a sink, then you have the space to brew beer! All-grain brewing made easy.

The Porter recipe has everything for those who like their beers dark, varied and robust – and the flavours involved do not disappoint. Bursts of chocolate notes, smoothed over with hints of coffee are entwined with the senses as smooth roasted malty goodness hit the back of the palette with every sip.

 For those who want to make something full of strong flavours – a true London Porter.


All of our kits come with simple step by step instructions, easy to use equipment and the same top-notch ingredients used in Microbreweries across the world. Our master brewers carefully craft each recipe to give you the best possible colour, aroma and taste, true to the style.

To make it even better, each kit makes a little over 12 330ml bottles of beer and is completely re-usable. You can purchase a wide variety of refill kits from our website, or create your own recipes from scratch!

Unleash the brewer inside of you, with the Micro Batch Beer Brewing Kit!