Online Masterclass


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The online version of our very popular beer brewing masterclass! Over 4000 students (and counting) have learned how to brew beer on our one-day masterclass event, and now we're breaking it down into an awesome 'brew along' video series.

Learn tried and tested methods refined over 10 years of expert home brewing and make sure your beer is perfect every time! 

Our mission:

  • Teach you how to brew an amazing beer, and then be able to brew that same beer again (and understand how and why!)
  • Give you the best possible foundation to be able to grow and learn once the course is complete.
  • Show you the same methods and practices used by professional home brewers and brewers alike.
  • Explain exactly what you need to brew great beer every time without any confusion!
  • To make sure the process is fun, and to capture the essence of why brewing beer is the best life skill in the world!

We very much look forward to brewing with you! 

- Joshua and the HBD Team.